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My name is Emma, I am the mother of a young man who has autism and complex needs. Like all parents I'm trying to give Zach the best life he can possibly have. 



Cormac is an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Consultant who has a wealth of experience and knowledge working with both children and adults who have autism. 

The Zach Project


Working together, our passion is about raising ongoing awareness and improving lives and outcomes for those who have autism. 

Take a look at my blog thezachproject@wordpress.com to see how we are doing so far.

Spectrum of Misconception

As we are a Social Enterprise our goals are to ensure that Zach and other young people with autism have the chance to work.  

We hope you will like our products and make some purchases so that we can employ more people who have autism and complex needs. The busier we are the more work we will have to share around!

email us at bustingmyths@spectrumofmisconception.com


Conception to card

How we work

Cormac and I discuss the myths we would like to dispel and we then discuss them with our artist   who then sets about illustrating the concept. All illustrations are originals.

How did we get here?

Why set up a social enterprise?

There are so few chances for people who have autism and complex needs to find employment.

Although the chances are most of us would be quite happy not to go to work some days it is hard to imagine a life without the structure and purpose work give most of us.

We are giving the opportunity to Zach and other young people who have autism and complex needs to contribute to the world of employment and work.

Our Mission

We want to raise awareness about the complexity of Autism and dispel common misconceptions and myths regarding autistic spectrum condition (ASC). 

 To give everyone and anyone a better understanding so that they can  be more inclusive, informed and aim high for those on the spectrum, we know with the right support and chances so much can be achieved.

Along with our online shop we want to interact with others and share ideas for more Autism myth's to bust.

Our wonderful product

We will be selling high quality hand drawn cards dispelling autism myths. We are working with some wonderful artists who we discuss our ideas with, they then put our concepts on paper. 

The sketches shown on this page are the beginnings of some of our ideas.

Just wait until you see the finished products!

Each card will carry a message regarding autism and hopefully teaching people that there is far more to those who have autism than a triad of impairment.

Any profits go straight back into our enterprise so with each purchase you are making a difference.

Pleased with our products? We would like to share your thoughts and reviews

We are waiting to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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